What Architects Have to Know Before Buying Insurance

It is certain that architects are among the core individuals in building a house one can call home. Through the designs, ideas, and styles that were conceived with long months of study and scrutiny of the building, being an architect means becoming a risk taker at the same time. As a risk, architecture is your business. Like any business, you need insurance that protects the business and protects you as the owner at the same time. Here is the biggest list of saving tips for insurance quotes that cater that need in your architecture business, but which one is the perfect fit for you? Here are some topics you need to know before buying insurance….

Learn the Basics on How You Can Buy Houses at Property Auctions

Here are quick tips on how you can prepare and successfully acquire your first or succeeding property or properties at property auctions:
Know your goals
Know what you want and plan in advance. Whether you want a new house for your family or just a new property to rent for future income, then keep those goals intact and let that be the motivating factor to drive you until the end of the whole process.
Research and register for a spot
Research for any available property auctions that are coming up. Once you have found one with the possible prospects, then register yourself and book for a place for you to bid on a certain date and time.
Browse through the …

Best Smart Phones for Architects

With the advancement of technology, it is quite feasible to take your work outside the office.  As stated by forbrukeretaten.no/mobilabonnement/beste-mobilabonnement/, people like architects could only use paper to draw their design. Then, it turned to computers, although the old-school way is still very much used – that has never changed.
After computers, smaller versions have been invented in the form of laptops and notebook computers. Then there came tablets for more convenience. Now, even smartphones are used not just for the mobile plans being offered with them, they can also be used by architects to …