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Best Smart Phones for Architects

With the advancement of technology, it is quite feasible to take your work outside the office.  As stated by, people like architects could only use paper to draw their design. Then, it turned to computers, although the old-school way is still very much used – that has never changed.

After computers, smaller versions have been invented in the form of laptops and notebook computers. Then there came tablets for more convenience. Now, even smartphones are used not just for the mobile plans being offered with them, they can also be used by architects to help them with their work.

That said, what are the best smartphones for architects?

Before we start, let’s first take a look at the features they should have:

  • Large Display – a large display is needed in order to allow architects to have a bigger and better view of their drawings and other ideas.
  • Good Processor – a good processor is needed to allow them to use the phone and the apps inside without having to worry about performance.
  • Clear Camera – architects may take a lot of pictures of buildings using their phone, so a good camera is a must. A camera with HD quality is most preferable.

Phone Brands That Qualify

Huawei Mate 20 X

Camera: 40mp

Display: 7.2in

Processor: Kirin

This phone has one of the biggest screens available on the market. With 7 inches of display, Huawei Mate 20 X will surely serve as a phone and tablet to whoever is using it. It also has a 40mp camera which makes it one of the best cameras out there. Even the processor, Kirin, is holding its own when it comes to performance.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Camera: 12mp

Display: 6.2in

Processor: Octa-core

The Samsung Galaxy series is probably one of the most well-known smartphones in the world. Samsung is a giant company that most people know or even heard of. This gives the assurance that the quality of the phone is no doubt more than average.

The S8+ comes with an octa-core processor. As for the screen size, it’s not as big as the Huawei Mate 20 X, but it’s big enough nonetheless. It’s definitely bigger than most and would do the job of giving you a better view of your phone’s contents. The camera, however, is not the clearest one in the market, sporting only 12 megapixels.

Huawei P10 Plus

Camera: 20mp

Display:  5.5in

Processor: Octa-core

Despite having the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy S8+, Huawei P10 Plus stands a little bit higher than the former as its camera has a higher resolution – 20mp to be exact. This is one of the strongest suits of Huawei, and it explains why architects would most likely be attracted to it as they sure need to have a good camera while on the job. However, the downside is that the screen only sports a good 5.5 inches.


Out of the three options above, the first one might be the best choice as it ticks all the boxes with regards to the features needed. If the phone you want is not on the list, keep in mind that with the number of smartphones now released in the market, it very likely that you will find one that suits you best.

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