How Mold Can Affect the Value of Your Home

Mold can badly affect your property value in many ways. While some would still consider buying a house with mold, some just won’t take the risk. Finding out the thing mold can do to your house before fixing the problem is a good action to take.

Visual Proof of Mold

Mold can greatly change the internal appearance of your home. It can leave a mark and spotting on your walls, ceilings, floors, and rafters. A diligent inspector of the house will surely take notice of these marks. Based on these problems, the value of your home may be reduced.

Health Problems

Any home overrun with mold is not a healthy house to live in. With the presence of mold, healthy people can be affected and experience symptoms. It can cause irritation to the throat, nasal stuffiness, wheezing, coughing, irritation to the eye, or in some cases, irritation to the skin. It is worse for people with mold allergies.

Multiple types of mold can be exceedingly dangerous. Make sure to use protective equipment, such as eyewear, a mask, and gloves when you and your family are in the presence of molds to protect yourself and your family.

Increasing Property Value by Removing the Mold

Avail of a professional cleaning service to remove the mold, clean your home, and make it seem as though the mold never existed. Some mold removal companies go the extra mile by correcting the issue with the moisture by installing the proper drainage or proper ventilation.

The longer the mold is allowed to colonize and thrive, the harder it will be to clean the infestation entirely. According to researchers, one luxury home with a serious infestation of mold had its overall value reduced by more than half.

Mold problem means water problem. Make sure you get that water source fixed or the mold will come back to cause problems again. Carpets that have been wet for about 24-48 hours may have the need to be replaced.

Mold can come from old drywall, leaky pipes, and exterior structures that weren’t properly waterproofed or a combination of all those factors. Removing the mold can increase the house value.

Surpassing a Mold Problem

There are some people who will never take the chance of buying a home that was once infested with mold or had problems with it, while some do. Though most of those who consider buying a house with a history of mold problems tend to reduce the asking price for the house even with documented and proper treatment for the mold.

If you are uncertain of the magnitude of the mold problem, it is best to consult a professional mold removal service. Having mold inside your home should not be taken lightly, and professionals should be the one handling it to make sure that it’s fixed properly and to protect the health of your family.

However, you can also prevent mold from growing inside your home by learning how to spot it and getting familiar with how it grows.

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