How to Clean your Furniture

One of the most fundamental components in making your furniture more good-looking and extend its life span at the same time is keeping it clean. While MaidJustRight even find it inconvenient, however, you could definitely benefit from this. To keep your furniture pieces spotless, you have to do some dusting, vacuuming, and routine house cleaning regardless of the number of pieces to clean.

That said, the following are some of the tips on how to clean our furniture:

Cleaning Upholstered Pieces

For upholstered pieces, vacuuming will make the furniture cleaner. The cracks and crevices between cushions need a little more awareness. Using a steam cleaner is another alternative. Cleaning the upholstered pieces needs to be done cleverly, and the fiber density of microfiber furniture requires attention.

What sets this kind of furniture apart from others is that the pieces are repellent to stains, and debris and dirt can be removed with just a brush. A combination of water-based cleaning and a simple dishwashing liquid can do the trick. Not to mention, a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda can help in eliminating displeasing odors.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Same with upholstery, vacuuming this kind of furniture can make it clean and tidy regardless of its material composition. Commonly, a vinegar mixture with some lemon juice can help clean leather furniture by expelling stains from white or beige furniture. This concoction should be rubbed into the stain, then leave it there for a few minutes before mopping it with a clean cloth.

Isopropyl alcohols or ethanol-based liquids are also other effective options in erasing stains which are caused by ink. After rubbing the alcohol onto the stain, the area must be dried thoroughly, after which it must then be washed gently with water. However, if drying the area seems to take long, hot air originated from a blow dryer can do the trick.

Removing Grime

While baking soda can be a cleaning agent, eliminating the grime in a few minutes with the use of this is no exception. First, the couch must be rubbed first with a dry, clean cloth to remove dust or dried gunk. Next, baking soda must be showered on the couch and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Then, vacuum the baking soda. Lastly, spot clean any hard to remove stains with a cloth and a cleaning solution that is recommended for your couch’s fabric.

Cleaning Wood Furniture

Cleaning of your wooden furniture can work in three ways: using dish soap, mineral spirits, or dusting.

  • Use Dish Soap – first, a few droplets of dish soap must be dropped on a swab of cotton. Next, dip this on a little amount of warm water. Then, rub it on the inside of the leg of your cabinet. Check if there are changes to the wood stain. If no changes happened, combine detergent with water and wipe it on the entire piece.
  • Using Mineral Spirits – application of mineral spirits can do the trick when a wax buildup on the furniture is noticeable. Test a small portion of mineral spirit to check if it doesn’t stain. Using a clean cloth soaked in mineral spirits, rub it on your furniture. Any remaining cleaner with a moist cloth should be removed and examined for any noticeable damage to your wood varnish.
  • Dusting – any accumulation of dust that can produce a film layer on the wood’s surface can be eliminated by regularly dusting the wooden furniture with the use of feather dusters and/or clean and soft cloth. Furthermore, use a damp cloth if you want to keep the dust from floating since the dirt will grip into the cloth.

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