A Review on Small Business Phone Systems for 2019

The innovations in IT, digitization of data and information, and technological revolution have made 2019 hold endless options for telecommunications and unified communications systems for every type of business. According to Apifonica, choosing the most suitable phone system for your business can be a tough challenge. If you are looking for the best phone service for your business, this review will help you know which one will suit the kind of business you are running.

Business Phone Solutions for every Business Size and Style

Business phone solutions are complex structures, and they require a lot of expertise before setting it up. To help you, here is a list of companies you can tap to have your dedicated phone service for your business.

General Phone Service – if you are a solo entrepreneur, a consultation agency, or you simply need a business phone line for yourself, you can opt for virtual telephones on the internet. There are a lot of these like RingCentral that do not cost a lot but offer powerful tools you can take advantage of making and receiving phone calls. The ability to manage calls, account them, and even dedicate the line to a single business/service protocol, would surely add more value to your business.

Small and Very Small Businesses – if you are running a small store, a service agency that does not have more than ten (10) employees, you can opt for a cloud-based VoIP phone system. One of the best companies for small business phones is 8X8, which offers cloud-based VoIP, alongside all other business phone supports. If you want to have an on-premise business phone that functions the same way with cloud-based, Ooma is a business phone solution dedicated to smaller businesses.

Enterprise – For companies with over 100 employees and tons of client relation calls, enterprise phone solutions can do the job. Enterprises can take advantage of on-premise phones for internal support, as well as cloud-based for client relations and tracking. The company that handles such demand is Cisco. They offer hard phones configured to a dedicated business server that can connect multiple departments and cloud-operated lines with a dedicated phone number for clients to call.

Homebased or Virtual Businesses – remote workers and e-commerce businesses can take advantage of virtual phones to make and receive calls without extra costs on equipment and hard phones. Grasshopper can do that without breaking your bank. This is also the most recommended phone service for such a business or enterprise.

Call Centers – for those operating customer support agencies and business processing and outsourcing (BPO) companies, business phone solutions like Mitel can cater to all telecommunication needs and can be calibrated according to the number of phones and agents handling phone lines, alongside support to increasing call volumes. They have hybrid solutions, a combination of cloud and on-demand phone support, that benefits this type of business.

How Should You Choose Your Business Phone?

The best way for you to decide what business phone you should have is the number of people who will be using this phone line and how it should help you with your business now. You can also look at the manageability of business phones, the accountability and recording capacity, and even the cost of each. Pretty sure, you wouldn’t want to pay more for services you don’t need. When you know what you want in a business phone, you can start tapping on the companies featured in this article to get service quotes.

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