Creative Arrangement of Living Room Furniture for Long and Narrow Home Spaces

We frequently act so meticulous in choosing our living room cheap furniture for various reasons like its complement to the home design, relaxing atmosphere it creates, and the impression these pieces of furniture can give to our guests.

As prices of houses increases, most of the working class of today can only afford those with less floor area. Good thing, minimalism is a solution to the limited floor area of houses today.

Here are some ways to arrange your living room furniture considering the limited space:

  • Manage foot traffic. 

The living room furniture should be arranged in a way that does not block the pathways. This is not only for the sake of the organization at home but also for safety purposes. People on the house should not be bumped or tripped into this furniture. Rugs and carpets can be customized to the size of the living room for a good emphasis on the pass-through area in the house.

  • Limit the pieces of living room furniture.

We often got sets of furniture when it’s an excellent deal, but most of the time, this only ends up to be consuming space in the living room. Before getting one, be sure that its uses will be maximized and that there will be enough space in the house. Avoid this kind of impulsive buying to save space and some money. You may opt for other furniture with two or more functions at home.

  • Perpendicular arrangement.

You can place some furniture perpendicular to the long and narrow halls of your home. The furniture can be a recliner, couch, or a love seat. This makes the room appear longer while contrasting to the linear appearance of the halls. This can also make the corners more suitable for decors or side tables.

  • Choose the right angle. 

If it feels like a tunnel in the living room, you can rearrange the furniture and choose the right angle. Instead of placing everything near the corners and walls, you can change the orientation of some. You might not want to put a desk or a chair facing the walls. Good alignment and adjustment of angles can make the room appear wider.

  • Use different shapes. 

To reduce the tunnel and linear feeling, you may also look for furniture that comes in other shapes like circular tables, chairs, or couch. You may also look for smaller pieces of furniture to fit in the floor area.

  • Utilize the upper portion of the walls. 

Since the floor space is limited, you may hang some of the things that you might need in the living room. Instead of putting flower pots on the floor, windows, or tables, you can also hang them. If you love reading books, it would be better if your bookshelf will be up on the wall than a shelf consuming space on the floor.

These are just some of the things that you might consider and do in remodeling your living room. You can still do a lot better by channeling your creativity.

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