How To Set Up A Website For Your Own Architecture Company

No doubt utilizing internet services is beneficial to any legal business. For a business like an architecture company, sometimes checking web hosting reviews to run  a website can consume a lot of time. However, with the emergence of various affordable tools and do-it-yourself procedures, you won’t be having to invest a lot of money in developing websites.

You don’t even need to take up web developing classes to create your platform. All you need to do is to perform the following steps, and you are ready for improvements in your business operations.

  • Step 1: Sign up for a hosting account,preferably Bluehost

The purpose of a hosting account is to have your planned website a ‘residence’ on the internet. This is where your content is being kept to be accessed by anyone connected online. One of the most recommendable providers is ‘Bluehost’ because of its affordable rates and easy to use for beginners.

  • Step 2: Transfer or choose for your domain

The domain name looks like this: www.’ your company name’.com. This is what users time on the address bar of the internet browser to access your website. Also, this is what search engines use to refer to the users if they are looking for something in particular, in your case, an architecture company.

You can grab one, for free, in Bluehost, or you can transfer a previously created domain. The domain name is unique, and therefore you can only grab a domain name that is deemed as available.

  • Step 3: Select the Bluehost package and enter your personal information

Once your domain name is confirmed, you will now be redirected to the next page to enter your personal information. After that, you will be selecting the Bluehost package you will be availing.

Make sure you select the appropriate package you can afford to pay, although Bluehost is already affordable. Enter your credit card information for payment requirements and click on ‘Submit.’

  • Step 4: Log in to the Bluehost and install the WordPress

After all the necessary information and transactions are complete, you will now be accessing the Bluehost dashboard. From there, you will need to install ‘WordPress.’ If Bluehost is the hosting account, WordPress is the coding platform.

Codes are essential to communication to the hosting account what your designs and contents appear and function like. Installation and use are said to be free and convenient. More than 20 percent of the top 10 million operational websites of today are using it, so it is guaranteed to be performing.

  • Step 5: Wait for the installation to finish and Log in to the newly made WordPress site

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to access your website. Once you click on ‘View Credentials,’ you will be seeing the admin URL, which is the one you access to modify your content, and the front-end URL, which is the one site visitors will be viewing and interacting.

  • Step 6: Select for a WordPress Theme

After all, set up, you will be now making your website the way you wanted it to appear. To help you with that, there are affordable or free pre-built themes so that you can start designing from there. You can make your time to explore other tools to help you in your creation.

  • Step 7: Make the content dynamic

Most site visitors will be encouraged to proceed if there is a sense of dynamic on the website. One good way of establishing that is by publishing a weekly or regularly schedule blog, wherein your potential customers can relate. You can add other creative inputs, too, as long as it helps to promote your business.


Managing a business, together with running a website, can be tough. Make sure you learn how to balance your schedule and your effort without losing sight of the goal, which is to prosper in the chosen business.

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