Work in Style With These Casual to Ergonomic Home Office Chairs

Working from home a lot? Why not bring your cozy office at the comforts of your own home by using these chairs for office? Who said that office chairs have to be bulky and corporate-looking only?

In this article, we have gathered a list of office chairs that will surely blend in with your home interior and make you work with style anywhere. Let’s get started.

Swag Leg Armchair by George Nelson

Let go of traditional black swivel office chairs and go for this ergonomic American-made seat with low armrests. This famous office chair design originally conceptualized by George Nelson in 1958 was built using patented plastics of Charles Eames and Ray Eames.

George Nelson is popular for being one of the most ingenious inventors who also came up with designs for the first pedestrian shopping mall and built-in storage systems in elegant storage walls, among others. Known for his ergonomic designs of lampstands, benches, and desks, he is also known for designing the first L-shaped workstation that most corporate premises use in the modern day.

This swag leg armchair is definitely a comfortable seat to have with enough air circulation from its open crevices. A total target for minimalist office workers, Nelson’s swag leg armchair truly is a representation of “doing much more with less” mantra of productivity.

Curved Wooden Home Office Chair

Draw closer to your environmentalist heart while working productively at home with this curved wooden office chair. It inherited the styles of Charles and Rey Eames which is stylistic yet efficient.

Made of natural wood, this curved office chair comes with six wheels. This makes it easier for you to move from one place to another without having to stand and carry the chair. This wheeled chair also allows for much freedom and convenience to be stacked away in filing cabinets and other space-saving storage walls. It also has no intrusive back and arms that is very conducive to working, not lounging.

True enough, this seat is easy to assemble with its minimalistic and sleek design.

Eames Molded Plastic Chair

Maybe you are seeing the pattern here. Eames-designed furniture are definitely one for the books. Another Eames-inspired item is this molded plastic chair that comes in a twin set when sold. It has wooden legs that resemble dowels that are very easy to assemble.

Worried about damaging your home accented floors? This home office chair comes with plastic protectors. Eames’ molded plastic chairs are available in as many as 8 colors so you can have options to play around your home office colors.

This chair fits offices in the design industry as it displays a rustic, minimalist feel.

La Valley Mid Century Modern Office Chairs

If you prefer a dowel type leg office chair, then this one from La Valley will catch your eye. Supported by high-grade wooden dowel legs, this beautifully molded seat provides a good cushion for the sitter.

The office chair is covered in a glossy black finish. Thus, it is a great accent to any lounge, reception, studio, or office that has a modern theme.

Tulip Style Office Chair

Ergonomic does not have to be weird-looking. This tulip style chair is a futuristic office pod supported by a sturdy aluminum base. The cushion comes in many colors so anyone with a sophisticated taste can have options to choose from.

The tulip-style office chair elevates the sitter on a seat pedestal that gives the illusion of progression amidst the blank office walls. What’s more, this elegant chair also allows a 360-degree swivel!

Final Words

Gone are the days when all you can have as a seat for working are chunky swivel chairs! Pick from any of these elegant and minimalistic office chairs and switch from casual to ergonomic.

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