Buying a House: An Architect’s Guide

Finding the right house to buy is a hard task. You will need to be patient to get what you desire. If you talk to ZebraBuyer agents, for them, Your preferences should come first. There are several factors to consider before buying & selling houses. They include:

Basic Needs

These include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking area space, and view. In addition, consider your long-term goals. This involves whether you will resell the house after some time. However, this might not be a good idea because of the cost of advertising, agent fee, and legal fees which are costly.


Choosing the right location is very important. You may want a place close to schools, the beach, or shops. Moreover, the distance from relatives or friends is also an important consideration. Another factor to consider is the direction of the backyard. The best orientation is when the backyard faces the north or west. This is because you will get maximum privacy in the front.

Safety Reports

The general health of the house should be considered. This includes wiring, your cation of the building, and the possibility of termites or mold in the house. Many homes from 1990 were built with asbestos-containing materials. Therefore, get a building report by an inspector before buying. This is especially if you are planning to remodel the house. It can cause some damage if you break through asbestos-containing materials. There is also maintenance cost.

Legal Requirements

All contracts must come with an updated section.149 document. It has information on:

•Hazard-prone areas such as flooding 

•Acidic soils 

•Local codes

•Transport services in the area and parking on the street

•Protection of the environment

•Road alignment and widening 

•Cancelled agreements

You will also need a Complying Development Code in case you plan to re-innovate the house. It ensures that your plans are approved faster. There should be an A4 size sewer diagram that is given along with the contract of sale. It will guide you on the location of a sewer line in case you need to make any renovations. Consult an expert for any legal advice.


When buying a house, think of its potential, whether good or bad. A positive factor would be a scenic view from your top balcony, the possibility of subdivision, or a garage extension. On the other hand, a negative factor may involve a risk of bushfires, flooding, or unauthorized building being demolished. 


Other than access to the driveway, it is important that you get space. This can be used for parking, turning, visitors, deliveries, and moving vehicles. This is because it’s difficult to expand a small entryway.

Having a stormwater system can go a long way in ensuring water drains properly after rain. Another option is buying a house on the high side of the street. This is to avoid installing expensive easements which take time to arrive. Consult a stormwater expert if you are not sure about the drainage of a place.


Always consult with an architect before buying and selling houses. It’s much cheaper than the cost of building a report or chemicals. Lastly, check for the ease of renovation to avoid future costs.

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