The Most Important New Tool for Architects: Instagram

This pandemic has introduced a new crisis to the world’s education system and as such we struggle to find new ways on how to navigate this difficult path before us. Luckily, technology offers us those new ways we desperately search for. Instagram follower kaufen taking the top of the cake with over a billion active monthly users.

Many users have flocked the platform, most of them using it as a marketing strategy for their business and even promoting actors and actresses from the entertainment industry.  Then, others create this opportunity to cater to new talents when It comes to the architectural community.

What is Instagram?

Instagram started off way back in 2010 and was known to be a novelty platform where you can share and express your feelings using just pictures. The platform entered a drastic change when it connected to Facebook and as such millions have created their accounts on this social media platform. Instagram also now has more users than Facebook and Twitter as many known celebrities and businesses have entered this social media platform.

What Apps are Used Nowadays for Architects and Designers?

You are now given a new platform where you can show off your skills as an uprising architect but you also need to use proper tools when creating pictures of your projects. Here are some of the tools you can use.

  • BIMx explorer – this hallmark app from GRAPHISOFT is a comprehensive software that gives you immediate access to 2D and 3D documentation. It also has a mobile-friendly interface and offers you detailed information on every component you need.
  • AutoCAD 360 – Remaining as one of the most invaluable tools for architects and aspiring ones, AutoCAD was updated recently and now provides new helpful features.
  • ViewER – This app lets you view architectural models in 3D Format while also supporting multiple file formats such as STL, Wavefront, Autodesk, and openNURBS.
  • SketchUp – Offering you with its latest version, SketchUp has upgraded its features by adding dimensions support, measure tool, and section planes.

Public interest had grown even more when architecture communities had shown interest in this platform. Most architecture firms are using Instagram nowadays to show off what their services can offer. Some people also post Vision vs. Reality Shots where you will be able to bring the visualization of the house or buildings you construct to reality.

You can now also provide your followers with the behind-the-scenes look of your project and its step by step process. By using Instagram, you can now follow various architectural firms and gain ideas from their posts. Aspiring architects from all around the globe have also gathered on Instagram to discuss their various ideas regarding multiple projects.

We are currently experiencing unknown and scary times these days. It is without a doubt that we need to search for new ways to fulfill our purpose and dreams. Technology is one of the few ways where you can cater to your needs within this season of pandemic and Instagram is only one of the few platforms where you can make use of your talents. Do not be afraid to flaunt your projects and continue creating that perfect portfolio for your future works.

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